1. «Artificial Intelligence Systems»
  • Creating the requirements to the national platform «Digital Agriculture»
  • Electronic Training Polygon for Artificial Intelligence Systems
  • Threat prediction in complex distributed systems using artificial neural network technology
  • Assessment of the characteristics of the municipal solid waste management system based on the apparatus of the theory of reliability
  • Geometric support of algorithms for solving Problems of higher mathematics
  • Hydrocarbon field development forecast based on an integrated approach
  • Integrated System Approach to Improving the Efficiency of IT Projects Management Based on Evolutionary Modeling
  • Fractographic analysis of fractures of graphitized cast iron using optical microscopy
  • Patterns detection in diffraction images of transmission electron microscopy
  • Intelligent system of forest area recognition for tasks of geographically distributed economic systems
  • Axiomatic basis and methods for interpreting conflict situations in an urgent computing environment
  • Network-centric concept of tourist and recreational systems management: municipal aspect
2. «Nuclear and radiation safety»
  • Analysis of the actions of NPP personnel in making decisions
  • The development of a model for predicting the stability boundaries of natural circulation process
  • Development of an algorithm for selecting the optimal set of tools and techniques for Agile project management in industry and engineering
  • Formation of multilevel system to counteract computer attacks
  • Modeling of the natural and technogenic risks dynamics
  • The hybrid classifier for the task of career guidance testing
  • Long-term operation of Russian NPPs taking into account the actual loading of passive components
  • Development of the design method for the optimal design of the Neutron Converter experimental plant
  • A simulation study of processes for mixing non-isothermal flows under dynamic effects
3. «Socioeconomic technologies»
  • Methodological potential of the teleological principle of purpose
  • Socioeconomic technologies — development trends in the age of digitalization
  • Analysis of PSC Gross Split Implementation in Russian Offshore
  • Organizational resilience. Cost optimization approaches
  • Tools for innovation strategies
  • Analysis of the dependence of the ruble exchange rate volatility on the oil market in a pandemic
4. «Application of bionic models. Visualizing Methods»
  • Application of bionic models for situation management
  • Visualizing Methods of Multi-criteria Alternatives for Pairwise Comparison Procedure
  • About methods of support for management decision-making under conditions of significant uncertainty
  • The software platform for creating and conducting artificial intelligence competitions with a visualization subsystem
5. «About one method of numeral decision. Method of dynamic selection»
  • About one method of numeral decision of differential equalizations in partials using geometric interpolants
  • Component approach to the translation of geometric models
  • Method of dynamic selection of regression tests during developing multimodule information systems in conditions of CI/CD
  • Mathematical Justification of the Wound suturing by Wound Contractors of new Generation
  • Robust diagnostics of dark counts for quantum networks
  • Investigation of Algorithms for Generating Surfaces of 3D Models Based on an Unstructured Point Cloud
6. «Synthesis methods. Calculation of MIS Weights»
  • Methods for the synthesis of realistic images formed by optical devices containing hologram optical elements
  • Calculation of MIS Weights for Bidirectional Path Tracing with Photon Maps
  • Direct calculation of the optimal weight for MIS
  • Synthesis methods for realistic images of three-dimensional scenes containing media with a refractive index gradient
  • Analysis of the behavior of OpenFOAM solvers for 3D problem of supersonic flow around a cone at an angle of attack
  • Nonstrict methods for a posteriori error estimation
  • Generalized computational experiment in the problems of numerical methods verification
  • Procedural interior generation for artificial intelligence training and computer graphics
  • Variable Realistic Image Synthesis for CNN Training Dataset Generation
  • Effective technology to visualize virtual environment using 360-degree video based on cubemap projection
7. «To R-geometry of plants»
  • To R-geometry of plants
  • On external influences on the radioactive decay rate fluctuations
  • On universal nature of periods spectrum in time series of planaria chemiluminescence
  • On the universal spectrum of periods in the time series of temperature fluctuations in starlings and rats